The Phoneon® Sound Butler® is a highly effective, ready-to-use sound absorber that eliminates acoustical deficiencies, particularly in high rooms featuring glass and parquet flooring, without detracting from their prestigious look.

The Sound Butler® introduces a unique acoustical solution for small and medium-sized rooms. It meets sophisticated clients’ key criteria: high effectiveness, high aesthetic quality, simple set-up and flexible application, with no installation.




  • Reduces reverberation time and background noise
  • Creates a pleasant acoustical atmosphere in a room
  • Makes speaking easier and improves voice clarity


  • Twice the impact of traditional acoustical solutions
  • First ever solution to eliminate resonance nuisance
  • Damps background noise even in the bass range



  • Good looking through timeless design and hand craftsmanship using high-quality materials
  • Blends harmoniously with surroundings
  • Available in a variety of hand-crafted finishes and a range of materials and colors


Simple set-up / flexible in application

  • Ready to use
  • No assembly or room alterations required
  • Permanently flexible and mobile
Just set it up – your room’s acoustical atmosphere improves straight away



Standing models, textile covered, 15 colors: "t-box"
TP30: 30x30x110 cm
TP35: 35x35x110 cm
TT50: 50x50x75 cm
TS35: 35x35x180 cm

Suspended models, textile covered: "t-cube"
TC40: 40x40x40cm


Special editions

Phoneon Sound Butler® acousticpearls edition, 107 colors
35x35x110cm more details >

Phoneon Sound Butler® Art Edition:
35x35x110cm more details >

Standing models, chrome metallic effect: "m-box"
MT35: 35x35x75cm
MT50: 50x50x75cm

Special models on request