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Phoneon® GmbH is made up of a team of acoustics experts who bring passion and the highest aspirations to the creation of tailor-made acoustical solutions for offices and public and private rooms and spaces.

The idea for the first ever Sound Butler® arose because its creators needed it: the two physicists were working as management consultants in offices where the acoustics made telephone calls and teleconferencing virtually impossible. The product was developed in collaboration with architects and designers. It impressed decision-makers immediately with its flexibility in application, amazing effectiveness and an elegance unprecedented in acoustical elements. High demand carried it straight into serial production – with quality craftsmanship, “made in Germany“. Phoneon® was born.

Today, Phoneon® works unceasingly to produce intelligent acoustical solutions that outperform the market standard in effectiveness, flexibility and good looks. With these qualities – combined with the aim of making acoustics an experience by applying flexible, easily-installed, discreetly elegant solutions – Phoneon® takes the lead in modern room acoustics developments.

Acoustics. Phenomenal. Simple.

Acoustics: At Phoneon®, we live for our aspiration of creating an acoustically optimum atmosphere wherever people spend time in enclosed spaces. We believe in genuine, effective answers to our clients’ problems and develop tailored solutions.

Phenomenal: The right acoustics have a major influence on people’s wellbeing and efficiency. So, more than anything, they should be perceptible to the senses as well as being quantifiable. We make it possible for you to experience the amazing effect of our products directly on your premises, and compile the solution together with you before we leave.

Simple: Complex problems do not always demand complex methods. Our products use elementary physical principles and are both simple and convincing in design. You will hear the difference immediately.

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Did you know?

Action against reduced hearing

  • People with reduced hearing find it particularly difficult to pick up and process voice or music signals when low acoustical noise frequencies are present, such as drumming or humming noises or passing cars. Low-frequency interference raises the perception threshold in the medium frequencies. Speech in particular, which is in that range, is heard less clearly or not at all.
  • This effect is very real: it is the basis of the well-known mp3 compression of music files. People with impaired hearing should therefore take particular care to have acoustically flawless surroundings.