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Phoneon® believes in honest, well-functioning products conceived and manufactured by people, for people. We work together with our clients on site on the optimum acoustical solution for their rooms. That way, you as a client are sure of purchasing precisely the solution whose impact you have previously experienced in person.

Experience pleasanter acoustics – and then decide.

Call our acoustics team free of charge to arrange an appointment for a listening trial on site.

0800 – 366 9990 (DE)
+49 89 8905 4386

Or send us an e-mail at [email protected], with “Sound Butler test“ in the subject line and the name of a contact with contact details.

When we receive your test request, we will immediately pass it on to a competent salesperson or trade partner near you. You will be contacted to arrange an on-site trial.

We will naturally treat your contact details as confidential and use them only in processing your request.

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Did you know?

Acoustics in the office

  • The ability to enjoy your work, be motivated and perform well are all factors that depend heavily on the environment. In addition to normal working resources, this very much includes having an effectively functioning physical environment: air conditioning, light and ... acoustics. Speaking and hearing are among the most important work tools in today’s office environment.

  • They are constantly hampered by acoustically dysfunctional surroundings: tension, stress and irritation then lead almost inevitably to misunderstandings between people, and in the worst cases to misunderstood content. Care is taken to ensure suitable lighting at any VDU workstation. In the same way, suitable room acoustics should be created in any working environment involving extensive communication, to ensure health at the workplace.