“The before-and-after effect of the Sound Butler simply impressed us. We were already convinced by the on-site product demonstration. We achieved a very impressive result for our training room with only four Sound Butler elements in a medium-sized area.”
– Holger Witte, Head of Work Services, Production, MAN Diesel & Turbo SE

“The Sound Butler has proven very valuable to us because of its discreet design, particularly in areas where it was important not to spoil the room aesthetics, for example the exhibition rooms for our in- house art collection.“
– Nicole Möller, Marketing-Manager Hiscox

“In 2011, we were faced with a difficult task at the “Vöhlinschloss” with the new use of the main building and a side wing as a training, management and conference center: how do you create a modern acoustical atmosphere in a building with an important heritage without changing the architecture? Phoneon convinced us after a brief visit to the premises with an intelligent combination of Sound Butlers and Artsorber wall elements.”
– Werner Martin, Managing Director of Vöhlinschloss University Centre

“As best employer, it is particularly important to us for our employees to feel good at the workplace. When we moved into a new floor at Theresienhöhe, Munich, it was evident that the acoustics had to be optimized. We solved the problem with a combination of Sound Butlers from Phoneon combined with highly effective wall panels. We were particularly impressed by the on-site trial: it doesn’t really work properly without the boxes.”
– Volker Mailborn, Managing Director, MaibornWolff et al. GmbH

“The decisive factor when we decided on Phoneon was that the Sound Butler can still be used if the room concept is altered later. We are very happy with the solution.”
– AOK Construction Management, AOK Bavaria

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Did you know?

Acoustics in the office

  • The ability to enjoy your work, be motivated and perform well are all factors that depend heavily on the environment. In addition to normal working resources, this very much includes having an effectively functioning physical environment: air conditioning, light and ... acoustics. Speaking and hearing are among the most important work tools in today’s office environment.

  • They are constantly hampered by acoustically dysfunctional surroundings: tension, stress and irritation then lead almost inevitably to misunderstandings between people, and in the worst cases to misunderstood content. Care is taken to ensure suitable lighting at any VDU workstation. In the same way, suitable room acoustics should be created in any working environment involving extensive communication, to ensure health at the workplace.