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Sound Butler® Music and high end – pure music pleasure

Sound Butler® brings the concert experience into your home. The best possible acoustics are essential to pure music pleasure in any room where you play, listen to or record music. Perfect high pitches, rich bass, uncompromised music. You will experience a new dimension of all these things. On request, a number of customized versions are available which Phoneon hand crafts with special care and attention to detail. Individual surface finishes include piano lacquer, solid wood, leather, and photographic or art print.

For a true sensory sound experience and music pleasure that leaves nothing more to be desired.

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Did you know?

The audiophile music room

  • The fact that the music room has the greatest impact on the sound experience is constantly underestimated. Buying an expensive stereo system is no good if there is a poor music room at the end of the playback chain. Listening to even the best recordings can prove an ordeal in an acoustically imbalanced room, and any prospect of enjoyment is strangled at birth.
  • That is why builders of concert halls and recording studios go to considerable effort to achieve pleasant sound. If you care to make a simple experiment, you can compare the difference in sound between a low-priced and an expensive audio cable, and between an untreated and an acoustically balanced musicroom: you will be amazed.