Sound Butler® in the office – making work pleasanter and more productive

The Sound Butler® creates the optimum acoustical environment wherever people have to work and concentrate in enclosed spaces. Whether you are in the office or videoconferencing room or on the phone, the Sound Butler® improves voice clarity and ensures effective communication. As a result, you will achieve a working environment with proven improved productivity in which people like to work.

Through its timeless design and hand craftsmanship using high-quality materials, the Sound Butler® fits optimally into any office. We also collaborate with selected office system manufacturers to ensure that our solutions integrate almost invisibly into the workplace.

Examples of applications

  • Elegant office in a period building, 30m², 4.20m in height, parquet floor, desk, executive chair, sofa, 2 armchairs, table, stucco ceiling, art on the wall
    → 3 x TP35
  • Modern glass building, 16m², 3m in height, stone floor, 4 glass walls, table, 8 chairs, sideboard
    → 2 x TP35
  • Conference room, modern building, 45m², 5m in height, concrete, glass front, carpeted floor, 8 tables, 16 chairs
    → 6 x TP35
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