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Sound Butler® acousticpearls edition

Phoneon Sound Butler® acousticpearls edition – for high-end interior design

A design cooperation between the Phoneon and acousticpearls brands ensures well-balanced room acoustics in small and medium-sized rooms.

With the 107 colors collection from acousticpearls, the exclusive special edition of the patented Sound Butler® offers a wide spectrum of colorways in high-quality textiles. The design edition also makes an ideal combination with the COLOR FIELDS acoustical wall design system by acousticpearls.
The special edition is as effective as the Sound Butler®, also allows for enormous design versatility and is the perfect solution for high-end interior design.

Its qualities in brief

  • Exclusive special edition of the patented Sound Butler®
  • Innovative broadband absorber that swallows up disturbing reverberation deep into the bass range
  • Enables well-balanced room acoustics for small to medium-sized spaces
  • Flexible in application and highly mobile
  • Individual design options with the 107 colors collection by acousticpearls
  • Ideal for combining with the COLOR FIELDS acoustical wall system by acousticpearls
  • Hand-made production quality “Made in Germany”
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Did you know?

Action against reduced hearing

  • People with reduced hearing find it particularly difficult to pick up and process voice or music signals when low acoustical noise frequencies are present, such as drumming or humming noises or passing cars. Low-frequency interference raises the perception threshold in the medium frequencies. Speech in particular, which is in that range, is heard less clearly or not at all.
  • This effect is very real: it is the basis of the well-known mp3 compression of music files. People with impaired hearing should therefore take particular care to have acoustically flawless surroundings.