Sound Butler® in the conference room – speak and hear more easily

In prestigious conference rooms, the absence of carpets, curtains and filing cabinets together with the use of concrete, glass or parquetry leads to reverberant acoustics. Meetings become tiring, telephone and video conferences are virtually impossible.  The Sound Butler® significantly improves voice clarity here by absorbing disturbing reverberation and resonance nuisance deep into the bass range.

Examples of applications

  • Small meeting and video conference room 20m², 3m high, carpeted, glass walls
    → 2 TP35s
  • Conference room 30m², 3.50m high, stucco ceiling, parquet floor, glass-topped table, VC system, 8 chairs
    → 2 TP35s and a 2m² wall absorber
  • Prestigious conference room, 50m², 3m high, carpeted, 2 parallel glass walls
    → 4 TP35s and a 2m² wall absorber
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Did you know?

Acoustics in the conference room

  • In many cases, poor voice clarity in telephone and video conferences is not due to the equipment. Faulty room acoustics are usually the: disturbing reverberation arises in prestigious offices with high ceilings, glass walls and parquet floors. Meetings become tiring, telephone and video conferences are virtually impossible. Symptoms such as booming or humming often occur, reducing voice clarity.
    Sound absorbers are the solution. Traditionally, these cover large areas of walls or ceilings. Class A panels display very good
  • absorption levels in high frequencies. Below 400Hz, on the other hand, the curve falls off significantly, because the flat design cannot absorb sound so well. The patented Sound Butler® supplements these panels' effectiveness. It has volume, enabling it to swallow up disturbing reverberation and noise deep into the bass range. Pleasant acoustics are obtained when the sound absorption areas are distributed across the room.
    A combination of ceiling, wall and free-standing elements is therefore the ideal solution.